• 2016 SlideMarineBap

    Washed in the Waters

    A Marine Corps Chaplain baptized this Marine in the only water-holding vehicle to be found:  a John Deere Tractor!  Watch the video HERE and connect to our Veteran's Ministry at Bethany HERE.

  • 2016 Slide Pics

    Say Cheese!

    Enjoy the candid and colorful world of Bethany Lutheran Church through the lens of a camera! Click HERE for pics from the last 3 months!

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Sunday, May 29 – 2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Read the Word:  Genesis 1:1-2:4a

As you gather as a household for dinner or intentional devotional time, begin by lighting a candle to remind us that Christ is truly present at all times in all places. Check in by responding to these questions: Where did you witness God’s creative work today? Were you aware today of a time when you were part of God’s creation and work in the world?
Our theme for the summer is “I Love to Tell The Story.” We will be exploring some of the foundational biblical stories of our faith. We begin this week with….the beginning! It’s a story that we all know well. We’ve read it in children’s Bibles, we’ve speculated on the details and tried to make them congruent with science. But what happens when we just sit back and let the story of God’s creative work wash over us? Here is a YouTube Link to a video with the music of Hans Zimmer, entitled “7 Days of Creation”.
When we separate ourselves from the actual words and rest in the story, we are reminded that we are part of something magnificent, awe inspiring, beyond comprehension and indescribable by language. Good stories removes the need for words and instead invokes emotion, connectivity and reveals our humanity. This story is one that connects us to the vision of God for creation to continue to create, to make space for more creation and more creators. Creating a sea opens space for sea animals that create more sea animals. Creating dry land opens space for all animals, vegetation and creepy crawlies that multiply into more animals, vegetation and creepy crawlies. Creating humans opens space for diversity, innovation, and collaboration. The Word created flesh in Jesus Christ opens space for the creation of more love, more forgiveness, more harmony and more of what gives the earth and all its inhabitants’ life: God’s renewing and creating love in action today, tomorrow and always. How do we participate in God’s creative work each day? How are we being created new by God’s love, forgiveness and mercy to create newness for all people and the world around us?
God of all life, you are always making us new. Create in our hearts, create in our minds and create in our souls open space for us to create your love with our hands, your love with our words, and your love with our whole lives. Your creation opens us to new possibilities, new callings and new ways to join the breath of life that fills us all. May we, like the plants, animals and creatures, respond to your creative word. Amen.
+You are created in the image of your loving God+
Pastor Brigette


I Love to Tell the Story
The story begins with God. We cannot know God without stories. How can we know ourselves? We tell stories to know and be known. Christ came into the world as a story in motion – the Word made flesh. He went into the world recalling the ancient tales and sharing new parables everywhere he went.    We cannot be the people of God without telling God’s stories, and sharing these stories with each generation.  We cannot tell God’s stories without connecting with our own histories of faith. God’s story is universal, and deeply personal.
This Summer in Worship, we will explore the ancient Hebrew stories on Sundays, and on Wednesdays we will “Ponder the Parables.” As a community, we will tell the old, old stories of Jesus and God’s love.
Worship and Holy Communion will take place on Sundays at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary.  Pastor Brigette will be preaching at both services this Sunday. Our hymns will include Morning Has Broken, Crashing Waters at Creation and God, Whose Almighty Word.   Special music will be provided by Scott Nixon at both services.   We rejoice in the baptism of Keira Elizabeth Jas, daughter of Kelsie Stone and Greg Jas at the 10:00 service.
MER_00F0Also at the 8:30am service we will wish farewell and Godspeed to Rhonda Merritt, Bethany’s communications/office manager who is retiring at the end of this month. We will have a blessing for all veterans and active military at both services.


Wednesday, June 1

Senior High:   2016 IceBlockSummer Kick-off and Ice Blocking – 6pm-8pm.  Come to church this evening as we fire up the grill and have a little hangout time! We will then head off to a local park to do some Ice-Blocking! (What’s ice-blocking?…think sledding in the summer time, with lots of grass stains!) This one will always be a favorite. Bring a friend and a small old towel (trust me on the towel)! Also please RSVP  to Jason Davis by May 29th so we can coordinate rides and food! This event is for all students headed into 9th grade-13th grade (college freshman).  Need a summer schedule? Check it out HERE!


BLC BTB BlueWeekend of June 4 and 5, 2016

Be the Blessing Annual Day of Service.  Be the Blessing:  Online Registration is now Closed.  Please contact Sarah at 303.758.2820 or e-mail her HERE if you have any questions about registration.


BLC BurritoSunday, June 12

Join us for the Burrito Fundraiser!  Come hungry!


Sunday, June 26

2016 SpecialDayThis is a Very Special Day! Our worship times are 9:00am & 3:00pm.

For this day only, things are changing up. There will be two worship services and please note the temporary change in service times that day. There will be a full service in the Sanctuary at 9:00pm and the Installation Worship Service in the Sanctuary at 3:00pm where we will celebrate in worship the installation of our new Lead Pastor, Gary Sandberg!

Join Bishop James Gonia at 3:00pm that Sunday for something very special in the life of Bethany. A reception with appetizers, beverages and desserts follows the service.


2016 WhatsYourCallJune 27 – July 1, 2016

Day Camp (Vacation Bible School) is a fun filled week of Bible study, arts & crafts, recreation, music and lots and lots of FUN!


2016 CampingAugust 5-7, 2016

Bethany Family Ministry Camping Trip (near Lake Dillon).  Please contact Nickie Fowler or Julie Rethman if you are interested in attending.


Getting Connected with Bethany:  Plug In 2016!

2016 PlugInLogoAs the Ash Wednesday bulletin told us, the disciplines of Lent are self-examination and repentance, prayer and fasting, sacrificial giving and works of love. It is the works of love that Bethany’s Ministry Council is focusing on this entire year, through the Plug In 2016 campaign. There are many ways that you can feel more connected to your Bethany community through works of love, starting with Service in Worship. Plug In 2016 – a Lenten discipleship opportunity! Looking for a way to re-charge and connect? Plug In 2016. Looking for a way to help strengthen our community? Plug In 2016. Many opportunities available in the area of Worship & Celebration. Why not Plug In?! (no app required… just a willing spirit). For more information contact Jack Lindsey (drjacklindsey@comcast.net) or Kara Heilman (drheilman@comcast.net).

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