Volunteers Needed

ALMOST THERE:  Click HERE to volunteer for the 17 slots still available.  Ushers greet and seat the people, Communion Assistants help serve the holy bread and wine and friendly faces help visitors at the Welcome Center.  Come!  Let us adore him...together!  

2014 Transitions

Please visit our “Transitions” page for all of the latest information regarding the transitions in the life of Bethany Lutheran Church. 

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2014 CommitmentCardPeople

Your 2015 Commitment Cards can be filled out online HERE!

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Sunday, December 21 – Fourth Sunday in Advent

2014 Advent Candle 4Good Coffee for a Good Cause:  Bethany’s Global Mission Ministry Team partners with Lutheran World Relief and Equal Exchange to support Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate. We will be in the Narthex today with a variety of coffees, teas, and chocolates for sale. Your support helps to provide for sustainability and eco friendly practices for our brothers and sisters in Central America, South America, Africa and Asia. As the holidays approach, think about Giving the Gift that Gives Twice!

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2014 Angel Xmas

Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24TREE color

  • 1:30pm Outdoor Live Nativity, Cherub Choir
  • 3:00pm Caroler Choir, Jubilation Choir

  • 5:00pm Carillons, Denver Brass 5
  • 7:00pm Denver Brass 5, Chancel Choir Ensemble
  • 9:00pm Denver Brass 5, Chancel Choir, Hallelujah Chorus
  • 11:00pm Service of Lessons & Carols, Harp & Soloists

Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25

  • 10:30am Worship – Bethany Sanctuary

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Sunday, December 28 – First Sunday after Christmas

2014 RemembranceHave you had a loss this year of a loved one? Almost every week we receive calls from members asking to be put on the prayer chain due to a death in the family. Anniversaries of birthdays and weddings are always challenging in the first year. The holiday can be tough to navigate as well.  We want to support you at Christmas time if you have experienced a death.

The Service of Remembrance is a time to worship with communion, say your loved one’s name and light a candle in their memory. This worship will be held on December 28, at the 10:30am service.  Afterwards we will share a meal with others who are traveling the same road of grief. You will have a chance to pick up written grief materials and a rose in memory of your loved one.

Honor your grief at Christmas and begin the New Year a bit lighter in spirit, knowing that Jesus, who is ‘the resurrection and the life’, comforts and holds you.

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2014 NYEWednesday, December 31 – New Year’s Eve Service

Join us on Wednesday, December 31, at 7:00pm for worship as we ring in the new year with hymns and Holy Communion, giving thanks for 2014 and awaiting God’s work in our lives in 2015.

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Sundays, January 4 and 11 – Diapers for DenUM


Diapers for DenUM Bethany is again partnering with Denver Urban Ministries (DenUM) to provide diapers for young families. We’ll be collecting diapers on Sundays January 4th and 11th. How appropriate to offer ‘gifts’ for a baby on these Sundays! There is a need for larger sizes; 4, 5, and 6 although any donation is greatly appreciated. We will be sorting diapers at DenUM on Sunday, January 18 from 11:30- 1:30. If you are interested in helping to sort the donated diapers, please contact Tammy Craven 303-771-2813.

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2014 TransitionsSundays, January 11, 18 and 25 

Bethany is holding three Informational Gathering Sessions for the congregation and the Transition Team on Sundays, January 11, 18 and 25 at both 9am and 10:00am in Room 208. We will also have a table in the Narthex those Sundays with Transition Team members in attendance.  Come:  ask questions, learn more and get to know your Transition Team!

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Faith is the Substance

Dear Friends in Christ,

2014 Prepare SoilI write this 
Advent message 
in concert with the companion article “Preparing the Soil” as published by The Lutheran (found HERE.)

As I embrace the fourth month of my interim pastoral ministry here at Bethany, I am happy to say that I believe we are making good progress in our congregational work to prepare the soil for the next season of new planting. While every congregation deserves the gift of an interim period between regularly-called pastors, it is especially important that when not only one, but two pastorates have ended within a six-month period of time, careful attention be given to the developmental work necessary to claim, understand and come to terms with the history of that congregation’s working relationship with its now-former pastors and to begin to reclaim its mission and ministry apart from that which was shaped by those pastors as well as the leadership gifts and graces they shared in the living out of calls that have now ended.

Read all of Pastor Paul’s message in the 2014 December/January Beacon HERE.  

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Pastorous Thoughts

“Whom are you looking for?” John 18:4b

Have you ever tried to find a friend in a crowd? Thinking back to the days before mobile phones where you knew you were both there and you just had to
 diligently work your way through the throngs of folks 
until… you grin and see the face you recognize. If you 
haven’t observed this lately, you can make your way to Denver International Airport and wait at the top of the escalators with the eagerly waiting families and friends anticipating their reunions.

2014 O ComeThis season of Advent please join me to take time to reflect on what and for whom you are waiting. Who do you really want to see? Many of you wish to see who will be our next pastors! Me too, but in these days please know that Paul, Deb, Intern Stef and I will continue to faithfully bear the mantle that is pointing you and the community of Bethany Lutheran Church to Christ. With myriad marvelous Christmas concerts in our sanctuary these coming weekends and on Sunday mornings as the stanzas of O Come, O Come Emmanuel (ELW #257) resound, let us ponder anew what that incarnation can and does mean for our lives. When we recognize and claim the gift, may we be courageous enough to offer an invitation to others to join in our celebrations of this blessed Advent and Christmas season.  Read Pastor Russ’s full article HERE.