Transition Team Sought

Prayerfully consider:  Congregation Council is seeking interested members to serve on the Transition Team that will lay the foundational work leading to the call of Bethany’s next Senior Pastor.  The Team will work October through mid-January of 2015.  Specifics and Application found HERE.  Application due October 12.  

2014 Transitions

Please visit our “Transitions” page for all of the latest information

regarding the transitions in the life of Bethany Lutheran Church. 

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Sunday, September 28

2013 Bonfils2Bonfils Blood Drive:  Save a life – donate blood!  8:00 a.m. – Noon in the Fellowship Hall.   To reserve an appointment time contact Bonfils at 303/363-2300 or register online at using site code 0377. For more information, contact Janet Mortinsen at 303-300-3317 or

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Bach’s Message for Christians:  A Series of Conversations with James Kim

2014 Old BachCome hear James Kim, Bethany’s Chancel Choir Director, as he explores Bach — the man and his music. Bach was a person who was not looking for fame, but who was composing weekly for his Lutheran church congregations. As a man of deep faith he brilliantly crafted his compositions to illustrate his theological beliefs, and to help himself and the people in his congregations deal with the tragedies and perils of their time. His messages are as relevant to us today as we grapple with how to live our daily lives as Christians. Bach’s works will be an ongoing part of our liturgical year, and these conversations with James will help deepen your understanding of how they help us experience The Spirit.

DETAILS: Sessions will be in the Choir Room, Sundays at 9:00am on September 28th, October 12th, and November 9th. Look for more sessions in the new year.

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2013 Luth CollegesLutheran Colleges:  Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to representatives from many different Lutheran colleges and universities and get important information about financial aid resources.

Registration at 6:00pm, Financial Aid Seminar at 6:15pm and College Fair from 6:45-8:30 p.m. For more information, visit:

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October is Bring Your Bible to Church Month

2014 BiblesThroughout October, in honor of the Reformation and Confirmation, find your Bible and bring it to worship each week. It can be an old one that you need to dust off, the one you use every day, or the one on your iPad or other electronic device.  See you – and your Bible – in church!

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2014 MourningFacing the Mourning, a grief interactive support group, will take place in the main office conference room on Wednesdays, October 1-October 22 from 5:30-6:30pm or Sundays, October 5 – 26 from 10:30-11:30am.  Janet Mortinsen will be facilitating these sessions.

To register for either Wednesdays or Sundays or for questions, please contact Janet at or call at 303-300-3317.

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2013 RTLCSaturday, October 4 – Grace Race

For a fun afternoon with family or friends, join us on Saturday, October 4 for the annual Grace Race at Sloans Lake. This 5K run/walk was started in 2007 by Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp to raise money for ELCA World Hunger. The entry fee is $30 before September 26, $35 after that date. Get a T-shirt with early registration. For more information, click HERE or call Jill or Doug Monsen at 303-770-1133. Strollers and dogs welcome!

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Sunday, October 5

2013 BlessAnimals2Blessing of the Animals:  It’s that time again when we ask God’s blessings on our furry, fuzzy and fishy friends who create such happiness in our daily lives. Bring your pets of all shapes, sizes, meows and woofs to the courtyard on Sunday, October 5 at noon. “God saw everything that He had made and indeed, it was very good!” 

2013 Care PackagesThis Fall, we are again sending care packages off to our soldiers and college students and need your help filling them! We are seeking monetary donations and snack items. (Keep in mind that items need to travel well.) You can drop off your donations at the Welcome Center on Sundays or the church office during the week. On Sunday, September 28, the youth will help assemble the packages and on Sunday, October 5, we will bless them during worship. Thanks for supporting these loved ones who are far from home. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Russ at

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2014 number 8Adult Faith Formation:  We read God’s word to know God. Can we know God from contemporary writing, too? Join us for lively reading and discussions of authors such as Garrison Keillor, Flannery O’Connor, Alice Walker – 8 authors, 8 Sundays at 10:30am in Room 210, beginning October 5th. Check the Welcome Center for sign-up sheet and books entitled, Listening for God.

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Call and Promise, A Life with Purpose

The Godly Play
 and Kids’ LIGHT 
theme for this 
year is Call and
 Promise. The 
middle school
 and senior high
 will be talking 
about a life of purpose. Isn’t it lovely how those two things go together? We know when we are living from God’s baptismal call on our lives, we are promised a life of purpose!

2014 FallFor families with children or young adults in college, the fall brings a call back to school routines. For others, we encounter the call of work, or friendships, or a cool evening walk in a park.

Here too at church, we are called back into the programmatic ministries of our life together. The regular gatherings at music rehearsals, at Sunday school classes and leadership meetings, gives us a sense of purpose for God’s Kingdom. Pastor Paul Svingen has answered the call to lead us in this next season. We have renewed energy as we will begin to hear the construction noises for a new worship space.

2013 Baptism2God’s claim and calling on our lives comes to us in the waters of baptism, where we have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever. That promise undergirds every other life promise! For the promises of forgiveness, grace, hope and eternal life give our days purpose and meaning each and every season.

Rally Day, September 7, everything begins with Faith Formation for children through adults. Worship together as families at the 9 o’clock hour!

On September 14, let’s gather as the whole Bethany family for a picnic in Eisenhower Park from 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Bring a dish to share!

2014 Back to ChurchOn Back to Church Sunday, September 21, we are asking you to extend the call and invite a friend to church. You never know who needs to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

It is Jesus Christ our Lord, through his call on our lives to be disciples, that gives our lives a sense of purpose. That’s a promise! 

Walking it with you,

Pastor Ruth Ann

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Pastorous Thoughts – Fall 2014  

2014 Salt Shaker

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

I am not a chef but I do have an appreciation for the enhancement of flavor that is drawn out in the art of seasoning. In most of our houses I trust we at least have salt and pepper, but many of us likely also have a drawer or shelf with an assortment of little jars with various colors and scents of powder, leaves and spices. We try to be equipped to make the food taste just right because seasoning can make the difference in an entree.

In our faith lives we have seasoning as well. But in a liberty taken with the verb, our lives are affected by the seasons in which we live and the milestones which characterize those times. The endeavor of faith formation at Bethany Lutheran has seen how fundamental seasons are in our lives and how it is a holy thing to acknowledge prominent times during those seasons. We are doing well in acknowledging milestones in the lives of our youth and we are open and interested in considering what other milestones might be central to the adult experience of faith.

How do you engage the seasons of life? I would suggest that it is primarily by being attentive to the “flavor” of the life you are leading. Where we are cherishing joys, we often say life is sweet. Where we are recovering from betrayal or disappointment we may say that things are bitter. Then there are those times of life that are truly bittersweet where the ambivalence around an event that is good for some but tough for others testifies to the fact that often life simply is not simple.

2014 CanticleThe writer of Ecclesiastes names this in the third chapter in a passage widely known through its rendition as the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds. Our hymnal has a wonderful hymn #723 called “Canticle of the Turning” which also names that the seasons will change and often, if we’re honest with ourselves, we can see the signs. After two months as your new pastor, I am better aware that I am being seasoned. Acclimating to a role that is decidedly different than either of my preceding years is profoundly rewarding but also comes with challenges I must remind myself that are characteristic of living into a new season.

Whether the season you find yourself in right now is easy or difficult or you are not quite sure what it is, trust that in every season God has promised to be with and for us. See Matthew 28:20. Next time you sprinkle a teaspoon of seasoning may you see how you too have been sprinkled with the seasoning of challenges and blessings. 

Thanks be to God. Please pass the salt.

Pastor Russ