• 2015 SS Whirl

    Sunday School

    Registration for Sunday School is open - click HERE!  Our new curriculum follows our familiar Lectionary (the Bible texts we read each week) and we'll be placing our first order for materials on 8/16, so come...give it a WHIRL!

  • 2015 CallCommit

    Call Committee

    The Call Committee for Bethany's next lead Pastor has officially kicked off.  To read more about the process and/or to nominate a candidate for consideration, please visit the Call Committee page HERE.

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 2015 SummerWorship

 It is the Ministry Council’s hope that, in addition to continuing to offer a variety of worship opportunities, the new schedule will also allow for an increased time of fellowship between the services to chat with the Pastors, connect with an old friend, or even meet someone new!

— — — — —

We continue our summer worship schedule with services at 8:30 and 10:00am and fellowship in the west courtyard between services. Can’t make it to church on Sunday morning? On Tuesdays at 11:30am there is a prayer service in the Chapel and on Wednesdays at 6:30pm join us for an evening prayer service in the Chapel followed by fellowship in the courtyard.  You can also watch Sunday services online at www.BethanyLive.org.

— — — — — — — — — —

Sunday, August 2 – Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

2015 Aug 2 GraphicMany of the five thousand people Jesus fed in the wilderness continued to follow him throughout the countryside. Jesus challenges them to consider the real nature of their quest.  Have you ever gone looking for Jesus? What did you want? What did you say to him?  Read the Word:  John 6:24-35

There is a pattern in John’s gospel: Jesus does something that is meant to be a sign showing who he is, but the people don’t understand it so Jesus tries to help them see what it really means. For example, after Jesus heals a paralytic man some people seek Jesus to kill him (because he broke the Sabbath laws) so Jesus explains what life and honoring God really means.

Today’s text is the beginning of Jesus’ explanation of all that bread for 5 thousand people. Don’t waste your life, he says, on things that spoil and rot away. Focus on what really nourishes life…. God!

What kind of daily spiritual bread do you enjoy? Fluffy white bread? Day-old bread? Sugary muffins? Gluten-free? Tortillas? Lefse?

Would you like to change your spiritual diet? What would it look like?

A suggestion: at some point today or tomorrow wait until your stomach growls before you eat. When you are ready to eat, take the time to give thanks for your food. Look at it. Think about how it was produced. Think about all the hands that have brought it to you. Savor it by chewing each mouthful 30 times or so before swallowing. Consider how it strengthens your body. Consider the hopes and dreams God might have for you and your body.

You might do the same thing with the text above. Prepare to re-read it. Give thanks for it. Think about its history in coming to you. Savor it, phrase by phrase. Consider how it strengthens your spirit. Consider the hopes and dreams God might have for you.

BLC Baptism ShellIn Christ’s Love,

Pastor Debra

Pastor Debra will be preaching on Sunday and our hymns will include:Guide Me Ever, Great Redeemer; Oh Bread of Life from Heaven; One Bread, One Body; and O Living Bread from Heaven. We rejoice in the baptism of Adeline Louise McCreesh, daughter of Michael & Megan (Craven) McCreesh at the 8:30 a.m. service.

— — — — —


Come Early (5:30pm) on Wednesdays for a ‘Simple Supper’:  All are invited to join the pastors for a simple supper before Evening Prayer. Conversation will revolve around the themes from Sacred Pathways being used in worship that evening. Deb Stauffer is organizing the salad bar; group members are invited (not required) to bring a salad ingredient to add to the buffet. It really is a simple supper!

BLC WednesdaySummer Worship on Wednesday:  6:30pm in the Chapel.  We are using a new Evening Prayer Service in the style of Holden Evening Prayer written for Bethany by our talented Director of Music, Rick Seaton. We are also be using the book, Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas for inspiration. Thomas outlines 9 unique pathways people use to encounter God. Each week we will focus on a different pathway – including Naturalists, Traditionalists, Intellectuals, Activists and Caregivers. The book is available at the Welcome Center for $15. We hope to see you there!

— — — — —

Sunday, August 9 

2015 BG CollegesScholarship Recognition:  Join us on Sunday, August 9, when we will celebrate our Lutheran College scholarship recipients for 2015-16! Eleven Bethany members are receiving scholarships from the Bethany Foundation for the coming school year. Included in the group is Brenda Greenwald, who will be attending Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA, beginning her journey toward becoming a pastor in the ELCA.  We will have a brief Sending and Godspeed at each service. Help us celebrate them by wearing your Lutheran College t-shirts and sweat shirts that day!

— — — — —

Sunday, August 162015 Stef

Stuff for Stef!  We say farewell to Intern Stefanie and her Family on Sunday, August 16 at both the 8:30am and the 10:00am services. We are asking the congregation to bring items for the Bethany Cares packages on that day to thank her for her ministry among us for the past year. Also, stop by the Reception out in the west courtyard between services to wish her well and say good-bye.  We hope you will join us in her sending and blessing!

— — —

2015 YouthFamVisionPlease join us at 10:00am on Sunday, August 16th for the Youth-Led Worship Service! It will be a time to hear about what the youth have been doing all summer including: the Minnesota mission trip, the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit and Confirmation Camp at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp.

Following the Youth Led Worship Service we will be having a Thank You Party for the Congregation in the Fellowship Hall. High school youth and chaperones who participated in the summer trips would like to thank everyone in the congregation for all of their sup- port leading up to the trip and all the prayers sent while we were out doing God’s work and experiencing Him in new places. It is a great opportunity to hear about the faith forming experiences in Minnesota and Detroit and an opportunity to ask questions! Please join us for snacks and a presentation to thank you for all you have done for the youth this year.

— — —

BLC New DriverFaith Milestone: Blessing of New Drivers. Preparing for and receiving a driver’s license 
is a rite of passage for our youth. It is a sign
 of growing up, increasing responsibility and taking another step towards independence. Connecting this rite of passage with faith 
gives youth a sense of deepening connections with family, congregation and God rather 
than the impression that growing up also means growing away.

We want to claim this life event as a faith event and give our youth a small gift to serve as a constant reminder. Every parent prays that God will travel with their youth as they spread their wings towards independence. We will celebrate this Milestone during the 10am service on August 16th.

— — —

BLC WhirlSunday School:  Registration for Sunday School is OPEN – click HERE to register or HERE to learn more!  Our new curriculum follows our familiar Lectionary (the Bible texts we read each week) and we’ll be placing our first order for materials TODAY, so come…give it a WHIRL!

— — — — —

Saturday, August 22

2013 CenteringDeepen your relationship with God:  You are invited to a Centering Prayer Introduction Workshop on Saturday, August 22 from 8:30am-noon in the Great Hall. The workshop will be facilitated by Liz VanLandingham and Eric Peter, who teach classes at the Denver Center for Contemplative Living. The practice of Centering Prayer prepares us to be open to God’s divine presence and enter into a loving, intimate and ever- deepening relationship, enabling us to bring an attitude of humility, listening and service to our daily activities. To register, contact Pam HERE. Suggested donation for the workshop is $10-$25.

— — — — —

Sunday, August 23

BLC LivingWillThe Health and Wellness Cabinet will host a presentation regarding Advanced Directives entitled, Documents and Decision Makers in the Great Hall at 9:45 am. Andrea Fraser, BSN, RN, PCCN, former director of Acute Care Services at Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus, will be the presenter. At this session, a discussion of different forms, terminology and laws will occur. We will have the 5 Wishes form available for take home so that you can have a discussion with your loved ones. For questions, please contact Janet Mortinsen HERE janet@bethany-denver.org or call 303-300-3317.

— — —

diaper-150x113Diapers for DenUM: Bethany is again partnering with DenUM (Denver Urban Ministries, a Be the Blessing partner organization) to supply diapers for young families. We will be collecting diapers on Sundays August 23 & 30. Diapers can be dropped off at church anytime between now and August 30. The larger sizes are most needed, but any donation is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in going to DenUM to sort the diapers on Sunday, September 6 from 10:30am – 12:30pm, please contact Tammy Craven at 303-771-2813.

— — — — —

Saturday, August 29

2013 MarriageHealthy Marriage Workshop: As the summer draws to a close, another Healthy Marriage Workshop will be presented in the Great Hall at Bethany on Saturday, August 29 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. We are fortunate to have Larry and Vicky Daub, Bethany members, facilitating the seminar again. Larry and Vicky have been involved in various relationship workshops presenting to more than 600 people. This seminar is provided by federal funds from the Colorado Healthy Marriage Project. As such, there is no fee for the seminar, lunch is provided and childcare will be available (also at no charge). We hope you will give your relationship the opportunity to grow and become closer. Sign up HERE or call 720-488-8888. For further questions, please contact Janet Mortinsen HERE or call 303-300-3317.

— — — — —

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