Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer

Let the Lord lead you to new depths of prayer. Let God give you fresh insights as you pray. Know that Jesus Christ is with you, now and always. Centering prayer is a method of prayer designed to develop contemplative prayer. Contemplation is not meant to replace other forms of prayer. However, it can bring a new perspective to the other methods of prayer. Centering prayer gives you a fresh sensitivity to God’s presence everywhere, all of the time.

God, Son, and Holy Spirit – lives in the center of your being. Centering prayer allows you to experience God’s presence now, to be touched by the Lord where you need it the most, and to be transformed in your inner being by the God who loves you.  (excerpted from archived prayer resources)


An Invitation:  We invite you to join us for Centering Prayer in the Bethany Library on Thursdays from 2-3:00pm.  or from 6-7:00pm.  (Note: the group who  formerly met on Tuesday evenings is now meeting on Thursday evenings.) The first 20 minutes are spent in silence to listen and rest in God’s presence. Centering Prayer is a method to quiet your mind so that you can listen to God, with God. The practice allows us to be open to see God in one another.

Thursdays in the Library


2:00pm OR 6:00pm


2pm:  Current Study (June, 2017)

Heart of Centering Prayer

by Cynthia Bourgeault


6pm:  Current Study (June, 2017):

Living Buddha Living Christ 

by Thich Nhat Hanh

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