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Men of Bethany: The MOB

Welcome!  We’re glad you found us.  Who are the Men of Bethany? 

If you are a male attending Bethany Lutheran Church – Congratulations! 

You’re already a member! 

Here’s what we aspire to be:


The Men of Bethany (MOB) strive to be a caring brotherhood dedicated to:

  • Encountering Jesus Christ through God’s Word
  • Growing in faith
  • Building relationships


Our mission is to equip and empower males of all ages as disciples of Jesus Christ by promoting opportunities for:

  • Witness & Worship:  By hearing and sharing the Word of God as an expression of faith
  • Community:  By building a community of men where caring and supportive relationships form and grow
  • Servant Leadership:  By engaging in service projects that address the needs of the church, greater Denver, and the world
  • Christian Fellowship:  By serving as male role models of ELCA Christian values while participating in a variety of collegial activities and events



2013 MOB BowlOne of the ways we minister to each other

is to foster caring relationships through social activities.

  • We meet at 6:30 pm nearly every Thursday at various local restaurants for conversation (and to watch whatever game is on)
  • Saturday mornings at 8am, we meet in the church library for a casual bible study – scholars are welcome, but the focus is discussion more so than theological analysis
  • We regularly get together on a weekend for bowling, a Rockies game, or some other family-friendly activity

 Click on the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab for the latest

2013 MOB Beer



2013 MOB MCRWe care about the communities around us.  

A core part of our mission is to serve others.2013 MOB Formula

  • We have developed a relationship with Metro CareRing; we meet the fourth Saturday of every month to un-box and sort baby formula samples left at the Denver mail facility which are then picked up for distribution at Metro CareRing
  • We serve at a number of charities on Be the Blessing Sunday, especially working  through Extreme Community Makeover to help beautify and unite selected neighborhoods in the Denver area
  • We perform a number of ad hoc service projects spearheaded by various members of the MOB


2013 MOB Paint

2013 MOB BTB


2013 MOB Service

 Click on the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab for the latest


Contact Us

MOB Leadership Team

  • Scott Zimmerman:  scottpzimmerman at comcast dot net or phone (303) 884-4817
  •  Ken Griepentrog
  • Brian Moore
  • Dan Cable
  • Dave Nesslage
  • Ronald Swanson
  • Glenn Truglio (leadership team emeritus)


Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, November 13, 6:30 pm; Men’s Social at Jackson’s, 7939 E Arapahoe Road, Greenwood Village, CO 80112. 720-583-0659
  • Thursday, November 20, 6:30 pm; Men’s Social at Blue Bonnet Café, 457 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209.(303) 778-0147
  • Thursday, November 27, Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thursday, December 4, Men’s Holiday Social at Cherry Creek Country Club, E. Iliff Ave and S. Yosemite St. Call Scott Zimmerman for more information. (303) 884-4817
  • Thursday, December 11, 6:30 pm; Men’s Social at Slattery’s Irish Pub, 5364 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Greenwood Vlg, CO 80111. (303) 741-2115


Beacon Article


Thank you for Being the Blessing! Although I’m writing this prior to the event, I know, based on all the people who signed up at the time I’m writing it, that there were a huge number of us out in the com- munity, putting faith into action! It took a great effort from a number of people to put it together. There are some events at church that just seem to happen, without being apparent how much work they take to organize. I think Be The Blessing is in a different category – it’s pretty obvious how much work is re- quired to pull off such a massive undertaking!

I’d like to discuss the members of the leadership team that put it all together, but suffice to say that it was over six months in the making with a team of eleven. How did they commit to investing so much of their time to something like BTB? I can only speak for myself, and I’m not sure how representative I am… When I was first recruited, I had no idea what I was signing up for, but I was looking for ways to get involved. Also, like I said in church – I might not have signed up for the group if I hadn’t been asked!

I think part of what I want to accomplish with BTB in particular is to create an event where the work of setting up volunteer opportunities has been set up in advance.  All participants need to do is to show up ready to work – I think there’s satisfaction in enabling others to serve, kind of like a multiplier effect. Another reason I did it (and why I often volunteer for opportunities at church) is to be an example. I’m a professional, but I can’t say that I have any specific skill that qualifies me more than anyone else at church to do the job. I figure if I sign up, then others may realize that, heck, if Scott can do it, pretty much anyone can!

As I walk into church on Sunday, I often look past the organization that lies behind all of the events and opportunities that are available. Flowers on the altar, doughnuts in the Fellowship Hall, celebratory cake in the Great Hall, coffee and chocolate for sale, retreats to sign up for and more – isn’t it amazing? So many jobs need to be done, so many worthwhile organizations need our support… How does it come together – who is performing all these tasks? Now, with the transition of Pastor Ron, we will be called upon that much more to be a self-led organization  The loss of a Senior Pastor means change, though.

What does that change mean for us? I’ll talk about my experiences at other churches when pastors change, but I’d like to start the conversation about what it means to us as a community at Bethany. It provides an opportunity for us to think more deeply about what we want our church to be and do. We need to think about what needs to be done – and then think about how we can contribute.

If you’d like to contribute to (and participate in) a community of Christian men, or just get involved in doing good in the community, drop me an email at my address below, or check out the Bethany website under ‘Men’s Ministry’ or use the shortcut below to see our latest activities.

Your Brother in Christ,

Scott Zimmerman

Men’s Ministry Leadership Team

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