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2016 Chancel GroupThe Chancel Choir has been a part of worship at Bethany since the church’s formation. The choir aids in the church service by helping create a prayerful focus for worship. We welcome anyone who would like to come experience the beautiful sounds of this choir directed by Dr. James Kim.

2017 Choir Tour

2016 Chancel Tour PicCombined choirs of Bethany Lutheran, Wellshire Presbyterian, and Montview Presbyterian churches will be touring and performing in Germany during the 500th anniversary of The Reformation. We will be following in the footsteps of Martin Luther.

.              .              .             .            .             .             .              .              .               .

2016 Chancel TourCompThe story:  Martin Luther was a simple monk, who – through his stand of conscience – started an ecclesiastical shock wave that changed the course of Western history. This great Protestant revolutionary held such a strong belief in his faith that eventually he overthrew the all-powerful Catholic Church and reshaped Medieval Europe.

Music Celebrations has created In the Footsteps of Martin Luther, special customized tour itineraries that will have your group visiting many of the locations so important in the life and times of Luther, from Eisleben to Worms to Wittenberg and Leipzig, where you will see his homes, churches, and sanctuaries he used in his darkest hours, where he translated the Bible into the vernacular.

.              .              .             .            .             .             .              .              .               .

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Contact Information

2016 Chancel KimDr. James Kim


Phone:  303.758.2820

Rehearsals:  Wednesdays, 715 – 9pm



Very Frequently Asked Questions about

Bethany Lutheran Church Chancel Choir

2014 FAQDo you really need more people? It looks like a big group to me.

Yes, we can always use more members. It may look like a large choir, but because people do miss occasionally there is always room for more people.

What level of singing ability do I need to have?

The Chancel Choir has a wide variety of musical experience represented. We range from professional musicians to folks who have no formal training, but just love to sing. We all work together to make beautiful music. Reading music is not a requirement for Chancel Choir if you are willing to put in some extra practice time to learn the music by listening and “memorizing” the notes if that works better for you. Most of our choral works are available online (divided into voice parts), and some of our choir members listen to these and find them very helpful for practicing some of our more difficult works. You just may find that with practice and exposure to the choir, you will begin to learn the notes and musical direction. As long as you can sing and recognize the correct pitch, we can teach you the rest! Come join us!

I’m nervous about joining an established group. How welcoming will the choir members be if they have been together as a group for a very long time?

Choir members are very welcoming of new members. Not all members of the choir have been with us for years, some have joined quite recently, and all are welcome.

Is it okay to miss occasionally if I have other obligations (my kids, my career)?

James has a family, and is flexible about family and work obligations and missing some Sundays and/or Wednesdays. The more you can attend, of course, the better your skills become.

Is there an “audition” or can I just join?

There is no scary “audition,” just a conversation with James about your experience and what you might be able to bring to the choir and worship services. This is not a professional chorus, but a church choir, and we are all volunteers.

2014 FAQWhat is the time commitment?    

We rehearse Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:00 pm from September through May and sing on Sundays at the 9:00 or10:30 services (both on special occasions). We typically have a couple of half-day retreats each season, and an occasional special service.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any fun in choir?

We are very serious about singing our best to honor God. We also are frequently laughing during rehearsals, because James understands that we are people, not instruments. We also like each other, and that definitely leads to laughing together when we collectively stray off the musical path!

Can I join anytime, or do I need to join only at the beginning of the season in the fall? 

You are welcome to join at any point in the year. We do not sing together in the summers.

What if I haven’t sung in a choir for many years? (Or ever)

This is not a worry. The choir members will mentor you and help you into the routines and procedures. Some of us have rejoined after many years absence.

Do I have to be able to read music?

A basic knowledge of musical notation is helpful, and we can always help you with this. As James says, as we work together our sight reading naturally becomes better.

What kind of music does the choir sing?2014 FAQ

James and Rick select a variety of works, from classical and traditional to contemporary and even spirituals. Variety is our spice of (musical) life!

Are there solo opportunities?

If you want to do some solo work, there is certainly opportunity for this. In addition to singing as the service’s cantor we sing works that combine solo and choral singing. If this is an interest, talk with James or Rick.

Will someone help me know which part I now should sing?

Absolutely. James can help you find your comfortable place among the different voices in the choir. 

Are there any costs associated with membership in the choir?

Nope. Robes, music and even pencils are provided. You even get free coffee and donuts every Sunday!

How early does Choir meet before church on Sunday?

Warm-ups begin 45 minutes before the service at which we sing, so either 8:15 or 9:45 AM.

What ages are welcome in the Chancel Choir?

We welcome singers with mature voices from high school age and up.

Does the choir ever socialize together? 

Choir has gatherings, usually at Christmas time and end of season. Many of the choir members become good friends and enjoy each other’s company outside of choir activities.

Do I have to be a member of Bethany Lutheran Church to join?

No. Many choir members are also members of Bethany, but many are not. This is not a requirement to participate. Please know, however that Bethany is a welcoming congregation, and if you are interesting in having a church home we can help you join and become a member of one of the most active and enriching congregations in the Denver metro area!

Is there childcare available during rehearsals?

Presently there is not. If this is something that would help you participate, please let us know.

Who do I contact for more information or to join?
Contact James Kim, our director, by emailing him at
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