Sunday School: Ages 3 – Grade 5

2013 RegisterWe hope you will join us for our Sunday School program at Bethany Lutheran Church.  The information on this page is helpful for families with children ages 3 through 5th grade. 

While children attend Sunday School, we encourage parents to consider one of our Adult Learning programs that are offered at the same time.

Register for 2017-18 Sunday School HERE!

Sunday School Overview

We would like to welcome you back and/or invite you to join our Sunday School Program! As you may recall, the results of the Transition Team congregational survey indicated that Faith Formation is one of the top Ministry priorities at Bethany.

BLC WhirlCome September, the Faith Formation Children’s Ministries (3 yr. old thru 5th grade) will have a different look.  We are implementing a new Sunday School curriculum this year:  WHIRL!

“What is WHIRL?” you ask?  WHIRL stands for Welcome, Hear, Respond, and Launch and is perfect for our Bethany congregation, as we make Church more relevant for kids.

WHIRL is a lectionary – based curriculum for Preschool – 5th grade students and is published by Augsburg Fortress, the designated publisher for ELCA congregations. The goal of WHIRL is to connect kids with God and church life. The content mirrors what is happening in worship on Sunday mornings.2015 Leaflet

WHIRL promotes critical thinking. It motivates kids to dig deeper into the weekly lessons. The curriculum uses the Bible and creative leaflet activities to challenge young minds. Children are continually taught where we are in the church year. Short, playful, high-quality, thought-provoking animated videos, appropriate for each grade level, set the stage for each lesson. The characters in the videos model what it is like to experience the challenges of living out one’s faith.

Importantly, the learning does not stop on Sunday mornings. Each take-home Learner Leaflet includes seven different ways families can put their faith into action during the week.  View an example of such a leaflet HERE!

Your Help

BLC VolunteerWe are excited about this new year of Sunday School. As parents, you have the important job of nurturing and guiding your child spiritually. Effective Faith Formation involves the home and the church as active partners in the process of faith learning. We want to share a couple of ways that you might be involved in Faith Formation with your child:

We are currently seeking teachers to help nurture our preschool thru 5th grade children. You are invited to consider joining our team of teachers! Teachers work in teams to share teaching responsibilities, September- May.

Volunteer training will be provided throughout the year.

Pray about it…consider the opportunity…ask questions!  

Our children need you to make this year a success!  

4 Keys

Caring Conversation, Devotions, Service, Ritual/Tradition

2014 4 KeysThe 4 Keys are simply four faith-building practices that we use here at Bethany that can be easily remembered, and they can guide and shape the way we form faith in the home, in Sunday School, and in the church. They are doable and teachable. They create openings in our lives where the grace, mercy, and presence of God may be made known to us. Use the Godly Play Parent Pages as a guide for doing the 4 Keys at home.

Remember, it is the Holy Spirit that creates the life of faith. Faith formation is about the wonderful mystery of Christ coming to live in our hearts. Faith formation is not a program, but a 24/7 life walk: God is forming us all the time.

Vibrant Faith

2014 Vibrant FaithWe invite you to check out Vibrant Faith @ Home! This interactive resource is designed to give you unlimited access to easy-to-use tools, tips, family activities, blogs, forums, and advice–everything you need to build a stronger, more faith-focused family.

They have just loaded more than 60 new faith-forming activities and articles for the Fall season. Great stuff for all ages and stages of family and household life.


Helpful Tips

2014 Helpful TipsHelpful Tips for Parents

  • Please sign in and sign out your child each week.
  • You may help your child find his/her name tag.
  • Be sure the name tag is turned in at the end of the class session.
  • Parents are encouraged to sign up to bring a simple snack (nothing messy, and please nothing with nuts due to possible allergies).
  • All Family Members are welcome to support Faith Formation in the classroom including Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and students High School and older!
  • Your child is encouraged to bring an offering each week in the envelope provided.  The habit of thoughtful giving is important to cultivate.  100% of children’s offerings are used to help the needy in our own community and around the world.
  • Please pick up your child promptly, or let the teachers know if you will send an older sibling, grandparent, etc. to pick up your child.

We encourage parents to sit down with your child at home to talk about the story, using the weekly Parent Page as a guide. As a parent, you are your child’s most important spiritual teacher! Your faith conversations at home are the most powerful influence on your child’s faith development. Sharing stories is important, because through story we help give meaning to our world and to our lives.


SAFE HAVEN:  We recognize that Jesus called children to him and blessed them, and that in his action we are also called to be a place where children are blessed and safe.

Bethany is committed to being a place where all are considered God’s children and are safe in every way to grow in faith and love, discover their gifts, and serve and be served in Jesus’ name. In all our actions, relationships and ministries, Bethany hopes to reflect the love and care of Jesus.  Read the rest of Bethany’s commitment to being a Safe Haven HERE.


Main Phone: (303) 758-2820

Gayle Newell,

Laura Weber- Meyers, Teaching & Learning Representative, Ministry Council

Judi Burchfield, Teaching & Learning Representative Elect, Ministry Council

Janice Lyon, Bethany Office:

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