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The water storage tank for the clinic well was put up this weekend!



I have a video for you and Bethany!

Here is the link to watch it. You should be able to download it as well.

Password: Bethany  (capital B)





Hi Jack,

I received a quick word from Doug about the well for the clinic and he said they were supposed to be drilling it this week but because of the rain and excessive mud they were not able to start. They hope to start drilling it next week. I’ll keep you updated!

Thank you,




Hi team,

The container has arrived!!!!! Davison and Yana sent us photos of the container  It made it safely to Zimbabwe, praise God. They were not able to bring it to the clinic location because of all the rain and mud, they were afraid that the truck and container would get stuck. So Davison had it dropped off at our other VisionTrust location called Movende. Once the rains and mud clear up we can try and get it over to Chasiyatende.

I’ll keep you updated on the well and Bibles!



Hi team,

First of all thank you all again for your help in Zimbabwe! With your help VisionTrust Zimbabwe is able to help 2,764 at risk kids in Zimbabwe. They continue to receive healthy meals, an education and are taught about God and how much He loves them. I was able to speak with Davison and Yana today. Here an update for you guys.

  • Bibles: Davison was able to speak with the International Bible Society and the expected arrival is March. I’ll continue to keep you updated as I hear things.
  • Leadership Retreat: They will be hosting the annual leadership retreat March 17th, there will be 45 students, mentors and HELP students attending! This is always one of the most encouraging times of the year for our leaders and student leaders. If you guys could be praying for this retreat that would be wonderful!
  • The container is still track to land in South Africa later this month!
  • The kids in the programs are doing well! School is back in session and the kids are happy to be back in school.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you again for you continued love and investment in these kids’ lives in Zimbabwe!





Hi team,

I just wanted to share some photos from the Christmas party in Zimbabwe! There are about 230 children that were able to come to our annual Christmas part. The kids received a special meal, school supplies and hear about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas. Thank you all for your investment into these kids’ lives. I will still continue to update you all on the well, Bibles and container as I find everything out.


Ashlee Kennedy (contact in Zimbabwe)

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