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Call Committee for Lead Pastor Kicks Off

BLC RMSAfter its appointment at the May 17 congregational meeting, the Call Committee embarked on a series of preparatory meetings. Important first steps included orientation and overview meetings with Interim Senior Pastor Paul Svingen and Pastor Sarah Moening of the Rocky Mountain Synod who will shepherd the process on behalf of the Synod. Members of the Call Committee, Executive and Ministry Councils, Transition Team, and Interim Pastor Debra Engquist then met together with Pastor Moening to review in detail the Transition Team report, working together to complete the Ministry Site Profile (MSP), which is the first step of the pastoral call process.

Approximately 4-6 weeks after the MSP is submitted to the Synod (early July 2015), candidates will be presented to the Call Committee by the Synod for consideration.  If you have a Lead Pastor candidate that you would like to suggest for consideration by the Call Committee, forms are available at the Welcome Center or download one HERE.  You can turn it in to the Welcome Center or to Karl Evans’ folder or the Call Committee folder on the cart.

During July, a more comprehensive communication program will be established to share the Call Committee’s process and progress with the congregation. Throughout Bethany’s journey to call a new Lead Pastor, your prayers on behalf of the committee and this endeavor are greatly appreciated.

Questions?  Please e-mail the committee HERE.



2015 MSP logoThe Ministry Site Profile form (MSP) provides congregations (single and multiple point parishes) and church-related organizations (schools, social ministry organizations, healthcare institutions, and agencies) a single, common form to use to describe their mission and their search for a rostered leader.

The MSP is filled out by leaders within the congregation or organization, under the guidance of the synod bishop or synodical staff. Once completed and submitted, the MSP will be stored within the ELCA’s mobility database. “Ministry Opportunities” makes it possible for rostered leaders and others to search the database of MSPs to learn of ministry openings, to read a basic snapshot of information about each opening, and to learn about the appropriate contact person for each call process.

The MSP and Mobility Database System are designed only for searches for those rostered within the ELCA. It is not intended for searches for other church workers, including lay professionals, non-rostered musicians or program directors.  See more from the main ELCA website HERE.

Click HERE to view Bethany’s  Ministry Site Profile.  


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The Latest

22 April 2016:  Lead Pastor Call Committee Update

Lead Pastor Candidate Update

To the Bethany Lutheran Church Congregation:

You are no doubt aware that Pastor Gary Sandberg, Dean of the Chapel at Capital University, has been recommended for a Call to Word and Sacrament as Lead Pastor at Bethany Lutheran Church. While a flight cancellation prohibited him and his wife, Karen, from joining us last weekend (April 2016), there are two opportunities for the congregation to get acquainted with Pastor Sandberg and the gifts that the Call Committee and Congregation Council believe that he brings to Bethany.

Look under May 4 and May 15 for more information about Pastor Gary Sandberg’s visits to Bethany Lutheran Church.  

As you are able, please join us on May 4 and 15. The Call Committee and the Congregation Council are eager to have you know him as our candidate for Lead Pastor.  

In His love,

Marie Friedemann, Congregation President

03 April 2016:  Lead Pastor Call Committee Update

After much deliberation and discernment, the LPCC has narrowed our search to one candidate. We are currently preparing to recommend the candidate to the Congregation Council. There are still many details and logistics to which to attend, and we look forward to when we can definitively say this phase of our work together is completed. Our due diligence is meant to ensure that the work of the Call Committee aligns with that of the Resource Alignment Study Group, Transition Team, and long-term vision for Bethany. We are excited to provide fuller updates in the weeks ahead as final steps are taken and, with God’s guidance, a formal call is extended.

01 February 2016:  Lead Pastor Call Committee Update

The LPCC continues to make progress in its search for a new lead pastor. We have completed all first-round interviews in an online Skype-format with a total of eight candidates who were submitted to the Call Committee either by Bethany members or by the Rocky Mountain Synod after an extensive national search. After prayerful deliberation, six of those candidates have been released from consideration based on the Committee’s review and recommendation. We wish them God’s blessings and are confident they will continue to faithfully serve as the hands and feet of Christ.

The Committee is conducting additional face-to-face interviews and conversations with the remaining candidates. As necessary, we will pursue additional information to assist us in the discernment process including site visits, Bible studies, additional interviews, and reference checks.

We thank you for your continued patience and ask for your prayers on behalf of the Committee members, all candidates, and their family members. We remain excited about the candidates’ and Bethany’s future, and look forward to sharing additional developments with the congregation in the future.

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