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2014 HiringCurrent Job opportunities are listed below:

Summer 2017

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POSITION:  Faith Formation Intern

The Faith Formation Intern (part-time 15-20 hours a week) will collaborate to support the Faith Formation team and ministry at Bethany Lutheran Church. This person will assist in creating an intergenerational, engaging and empowering environment of equipping all ages for living out their faith in daily life. The FFI will engage all aspects and ages of Faith Formation at BLC. This is a one year contract position.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION.

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POSITION:  Faith Formation Director of Youth (FFDY) 

The full-time Faith Formation Director of Youth (FFDY) will plan, coordinate, implement and cultivate a comprehensive strategy for forming faith in the youth of BLC in collaboration with the Pastor of Faith Formation.

The FFDY will foster a collaborative, integrative, and engaging environment that affirms leadership, gifts and passions of youth for ministry. This person will strengthen intergenerational relationships both within the family and the congregation, connect youth to faith in daily life, empower and equip families and youth to deepen and share their faith of Jesus Christ in a diverse and complex world.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION.

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POSITION:  Custodian

Bethany Lutheran Church is seeking a qualified individual to join the custodial staff and carry out related responsibilities. The church is very busy and has many activities every day of the week and is open from 6am to 10:30pm every day. The successful candidate will demonstrate their ability to multitask to meet the dynamic needs of the staff, members and visitors to the church building.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION.

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POSITION:  Director – Youth Ministry

Bethany Lutheran Church is seeking a part time individual that will serve Bethany by being responsible for the development of all musical ensembles for youth, ages preschool through high school.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION.

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