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2014 HiringCurrent Job opportunities are listed below:

Fall 2017

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POSITION:  Faith Formation Director of Youth (FFDY) 

The full-time Faith Formation Director of Youth (FFDY) will plan, coordinate, implement and cultivate a comprehensive strategy for forming faith in the youth of BLC in collaboration with the Pastor of Faith Formation.

The FFDY will foster a collaborative, integrative, and engaging environment that affirms leadership, gifts and passions of youth for ministry. This person will strengthen intergenerational relationships both within the family and the congregation, connect youth to faith in daily life, empower and equip families and youth to deepen and share their faith of Jesus Christ in a diverse and complex world.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION.

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POSITION:  Faith Formation Administrative Assistant/Evangelism Coordinator

The Faith Formation Administrative Assistant shall serve as the primary administrative support point of contact for the Faith Formation Program and shall be responsible for managing student data and paperwork, communicating related items to staff and appropriate volunteers, responding to phone inquiries and assisting with other miscellaneous day-to-day office and administrative tasks.  The Faith Formation Administrative Assistant shall also serve as the Evangelism & Outreach Coordinator, responsible for leading and coordinating the Evangelism Team in their efforts to share Bethany’s message with the community.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION.

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