2013 Wedding

We welcome you to Bethany as the place for your wedding. Weddings are wonderful events that the church sees as a great gift of life to be celebrated within the context of the Christian faith.

As you come to the altar of the church, you are asking God to meet you here, and offer his strength and his blessing for your marriage.

The Setting of Your Wedding
The Sanctuary has an outstanding view of the Rocky Mountains, with a glass wall to the west to accent that view. The altar is situated in front of a massive blue stained-glass wall which gives a marvelous backdrop to a wedding service. The seating capacity is 600.

The Wedding Service

The wedding service used at Bethany is taken from our hymnbook, Evangelical Lutheran Worship, and will be reviewed by the pastor with each couple prior to the service.

Scheduling your Wedding

Bethany Lutheran Church is the site of many musical and community events, and as such maintains a busy schedule that can be booked out many months in advance. We recommend that you check into the church calendar as far in advance as possible and before booking your reception. Once a date has been agreed upon, you will be allotted a 3-4 hour timeframe for the sanctuary and changing rooms. We require a $200 deposit to hold that schedule, with the balance due a week before the wedding. Membership at Bethany is not required; however, if you are not a member a pastoral appointment is a prerequisite.

To make this a memorable experience, we have established guidelines and procedures. Trained members of our staff will assist you in your planning. The services of the following persons is included in our fee:

  • Pastor – All weddings at Bethany are conducted by the pastoral staff of the church. Arrangements can be made to have another pastor participate.
  • Wedding Consultant – Bethany’s wedding consultant will help you organize the details of your wedding, beginning with a Saturday morning wedding seminar. She will conduct the rehearsal and will be here the day of your wedding.
  • Organist – The organist coordinates all of the music for your service and will assist in the selection of songs as well as any additional musicians. No previously recorded music is allowed.
  • Premarital Counseling – Premarital counseling is required; it is conducted through Life Innovations and will be administered by a Bethany pastor in the course of two 1-hour appointments.
  • Administrative Staff, Sound Technician and Custodial Services.

Contact: Janice Lyon
Phone: (303) 758-2820


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