These Denver Parks Are Real Hidden Gems

These Denver Parks Are Real Hidden Gems

A vast number of parks exist in Denver; however, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are worth your time. Finding just the right park or two can fill a weekend with fun and excitement for families and friends. 

As a result, I have put together a list of three parks that are worth your attention. The following is a quick list:

• Genesee Park

• Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

• Four Mile Historic Park

1. Genesee Park

Genesee Park was acquired in the year 1912. It is also the most historic of all the Denver mountain range parks. Its landscapes are amazing. The park itself is 2,413 acres. This park is a great getaway opportunity for campers and RVers alike as the Chief Hosa Campground finds its home here.

If any of you enjoy a challenging hike, this park is perfect for you. The Beaver Brook Trail runs through 11.5 miles of the Genesee Park and will both thrill and challenge those of you looking for a good adventure. This trail is open from May-November, so you will want to be sure to plan accordingly.

2. Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave is also located in another part of Denver’s mountain park system. This historic site is actually found within the Lookout Mountain Park.

While this specific site may be a popular attraction for many, there are still a large body of people who have yet to visit Buffalo Bill’s Museum and Grave.

This theatrical man was buried by request on the top of Lookout Mountain, and therefore one of the most amazing features of this location is the drive itself. With the twists, turns, and views all the way up to Bill’s grave, it will surely be a drive and a trip to remember.

3. Four Mile Historic Park

The Four Mile Historic Park has a rich history. For any of you who have a love for history, this would be a great place for you. If you have a family with children, this is also a wonderful place to spend a Saturday.

The Four Mile Historic Park is home to Denver’s longest standing building, known as the Four Mile House Museum. This park contains guided tours where you and your family can learn about the lush history.

When you are done with the tour, you will be able to spend time enjoying a day on the farm. Make sure to check out the ducks and the chickens – the children will love it, and it will make it a day to be remembered.

If that is not enough, try panning for gold within the park. Live like a settler and see what life was like in the 1800s at this historic site. Sights, shows, and tours will fill a day with excitement and memories.


Whether or not you have already visited these parks, they are certainly worth your attention. These are truly gems that merit your time and consideration.

If you love a good challenge, you’ll have to make sure you check out Genesee Park. If you love scenic drives and views from mountain peaks, don’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. Finally, if you are a history buff, you will have a wonderful time at Four Mile Historic Park.

Check them out, and I’m sure you will be pleased as you develop memories that will last a lifetime.

Things You Need To Know Before Relocating To Denver

Things You Need To Know Before Relocating To Denver

If you are considering relocating to Denver, then you are not the only one. The city has in the past few years been experiencing a surge in population. This is probably because of the beautiful scenery and Rocky Mountain that surrounds the big city.

As far as business is concerned, Denver has been and continues to be the regional hub for most business activities. It has a lot of social amenities such as roads, hospitals, rail, among others that make it attractive both to locals and outsiders.

However, if you would like to relocate to this city any time soon, here are some of the things you need to know:

1. The sun is always shining

If you love having all four seasons, then moving to Denver is a perfect idea. One of the things that most people look at when moving to a new town or city is the weather conditions. Unless you are always working indoors, you will definitely prefer warmer or shiny weather.

Denver has more than 300 sunny days in a year. That’s something that you rarely experience in most parts of the country. It is true that snow usually falls during winter, but it never sticks long on the ground. Generally speaking, most people love it there because of the warm weather.

2. The cost of living is on the rise

Because of the increasing number of people moving to Denver every year, the city is slowly starting to experience a rise in the cost of living. Although it has not reached the level of Los Angeles and Boston, it is also not as cheap compared to some big cities in Texas. According to Denver real estate agents, rent prices have also increased sharply due to increased demand.

3. The altitude might affect you

Have you ever thought about why Denver is referred to as the Mile High City? If not, then you should know that it is roughly one mile above sea level. Because of this, the climate sometimes appears dry and desert-like.

Some people take time for their bodies to get acclimatized to the thin weather air, but that shouldn’t be a big deal if you are planning to move into the city. According to All you have to do is drink plenty of water and get used to applying sunscreen.

4. Outdoor recreation is on another level

If you are looking for a place to have outdoor fun and recreation, then Denver is the place to relocate to. The city boasts of famous ski resorts, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, white-water rafting, just to mention but a few.

Moving to Denver will definitely present you with numerous recreational outdoor opportunities. The best way to get started is to purchase a bike and hit the mountains. Some of the popular recreational spots include Mount Evans, Idaho Springs, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

5. The job market in Denver is at its all-time high

This is probably another reason why a majority of people are moving to Denver. According to a recent survey conducted in 103 cities in the United States, Denver emerged as the fourth in terms of job satisfaction. More than 65 percent of respondents say that they are satisfied or very satisfied with it’s job market.

There are nine industries that propel the job market thered, according to the city’s Economic Development Corporation. The industries include:

• Aviation

• Aerospace

• Bioscience

• Health and wellness

• Information Technology

• Beverage production

• Energy & Finance

• Telecommunication and broadcasting.

6. Recreational marijuana is lawful

Colorado is one of the states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Together with Washington, Colorado was one of the first states in the country to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in 2012. This might cause some kind of culture shock – depending on where you are coming from.

7. Moving around Denver is easy

Although many people own cars in Denver, it is relatively simple to move around the city, especially if you are using public transport. Besides, you can always see many residents biking on the streets. The city is popular for its Regional Transport District buses.

How To Replace Kitchen Countertops And Important Factors To Consider 

How To Replace Kitchen Countertops And Important Factors To Consider 

Before making a purchase, you should consider it seriously to ensure everything is in order. It takes a lot of work to replace them, and most of us don’t want to spend much time doing it.  

 We’ve created this guide to make upgrading kitchen counters less stressful than you could have thought, so don’t worry. Continue reading to find out what considerations you must make before starting. 

How to replace kitchen countertops? 

 Countertops are a noteworthy improvement for any house. The surfaces may make a statement whether natural stone counters, solid surfaces, or any other material. 

 All of this is true, but there are instances when your budget might prevent you from purchasing the kitchen countertop you want. If that’s the case, there’s no need for concern. Budget-friendly kitchen countertop replacement is more straightforward than most people think. Several low-cost materials can help you create a high-end design for your kitchen remodels. 

 There are many kitchen countertop possibilities for your home, even though you won’t be able to get gemstone worktops on a small budget. 

Questions to Ask Yourself: 

Before you start choosing the material, color, and other components of your new countertop, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. 

 Making a decision will be much easier if you can respond to all of these. 

  •  Am I satisfied with my current work? 
  • What is my budget? 
  • How much effort will I put in? 
  • Keep these in mind as you go on; you don’t have to write them down, maybe aside from the budget. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Countertop 

Your Budget 

It’s interesting to look around for new counter materials, but you should also focus on more useful issues. When selecting the materials for your countertops, take your budget into account. Of course, the size of your kitchen will affect the cost of your counters, but the single most important consideration will be the material. 

 Materials like quartz and natural stone, as well as copper and wood, may be options if you have a bigger budget. You might be able to find a few limited patterns of granite or concrete if your budget is more in the middle of the spectrum. If you have an extremely tight budget, you might need to start considering laminate and similar solutions. 

The Durability  

The material’s resistance to stains, scratches, and general wear and tear is a significant aspect to take into account when choosing a kitchen countertop material. In general, granite and tile hold up better than laminate when exposed to hot pots, pans, and sharp objects. If a tile countertop cracks or chips, it is simple to replace it. Due to its bare particleboard core, laminate countertops are particularly susceptible to burns and scratches, which can be challenging to repair. Nowadays, soapstone countertops are becoming more and more popular, although they are less resistant to knife scratches than alternatives made of genuine stone. 

 You’ll probably change everything when remodeling your kitchen. In these situations, it’s crucial to take the weight of the new countertop material you select into account. 


The quality of your current kitchen cabinets should be considered before choosing the material for your kitchen countertop. You’ll need to determine if you want to keep them or swap them out, for starters. It is better to replace all of your cabinets at once if you intend to replace them within the next few years to avoid spending two installation fees. 

 Additionally, you must confirm that the weight of your new counters can be supported by your cabinets. Some cabinets of poor quality could not be structurally sound enough to support heavy counter materials. Your counters could end up weighing several hundred pounds since granite that is three-quarters of an inch thick weighs around 18 pounds per square foot. 

The Setup Of Your Sink 

When it’s time to replace your countertop, you should also think about how your sink is set up. You might not need to replace your farmhouse sink when you replace your counters if it is below the level of the countertop. But before you install the new counters, it’s frequently necessary to replace sinks that sit on top of the counter or at the very least, have the piping changed. 

 Your sink drain pipe might not reach the bottom of the sink if your new counter is taller than your old counters. To suit the new countertops, you might also need to modify the faucet settings. It’s best to consult your counter installers to determine your ability to work. 

Eco-Friendly Materials

A lot of homes want to “go green.” If you’re one of them, keep this in mind when choosing a material for your kitchen countertop. Consider employing recycled materials in place of choosing a raw material and expending numerous resources to install it. However, keep in mind that these could need more upkeep than conventional choices. So, before buying any recycled material, be sure to ask your countertop provider any questions. 


 The look of your kitchen countertop may make or break the overall design of the room. But if you party frequently, cook a lot, or have kids, you should pick a countertop material that can withstand regular kitchen use. Nobody wants to have to replace their kitchen countertop in a few years

 Consider purchasing multiple materials if the countertop material you choose doesn’t have a good reputation for usefulness or longevity. For instance, you can place a butcher’s block in one portion of the countertop to serve as a built-in cutting board if you chop meat or veggies. Alternatively, if you enjoy baking, pick out a portion of the marble countertop so you have a surface on which to work with dough. 

Advice From Professionals

If you’re having trouble deciding, talk to an expert who can advise you on the best option from a functional and aesthetic standpoint. The good folks at Pioneer Granite and Quartz say a good fabrication company will be able to advise you on the subtle differences between the various materials and make suggestions for the goods that are most suitable for your needs. 

 A kitchen redesign or remodeling necessitates a considerable time and financial commitment. By keeping these factors in mind, you design an environment that you, your family, and everyone else can enjoy. There are a variety of kitchen countertop materials available, so there is sure to be something to suit every homeowner’s preferences and needs. To be sure you make the right choice, always see the countertop material in person before making your selection (

Which Denver Suburbs Are the Best?

Which Denver Suburbs Are the Best?

If you are planning to move within the Denver area (or if you just love a good read), this article is for you. While there are a large number of suburbs in Denver, there are some that shine brighter than the rest.

The following is a quick list of some of Denver’s greatest suburbs:

• Inverness

• Holly Hills

• Cherry Creek

• Superior

• Greenwood Village

This list is not exhaustive. While many other wonderful suburbs exist, researching the Denver area will be incomplete without checking out these great Denver suburbs.

1. Inverness

The population of Inverness is relatively low (between 1000 – 2000 people), so the thought of looking into this suburb may not have crossed your mind. However, it is certainly worth a good look. If you appreciate a good restaurant or coffee shop, you will love this suburb.

The school systems are rated great in this suburb. And for those of you who enjoy the great outdoors, this area is perfect, as it boasts a number of lakes, rivers, and trails.

2. Holly Hills

The majority of the people in this area own their own homes. This suburb is filled with families and retirees and has a relatively conservative nature about it. This area is also filled with restaurants, shops, parks, and more. 

The population of Holly Hills is around 2,800 people, and the diversity among its people is relatively high. This suburb also has a great school system and would be a good place to raise a family.

3. Cherry Creek

While the style of living maybe a little too fancy for some, Cherry Creek still remains on our list of the best suburbs in Denver. This upscale suburb is home to the Cherry Creek North Shopping Center.

This shopping center offers around 50 places to dine or get your favorite snack. Along with this, you will find over 100 shops that will be filled with anything you could ever want. However, this may not be a prime spot to raise a family, as the homes and condos are catered more toward singles.

4. Superior

Superior has a large population of over 13,000 people. One of the great benefits of living in Superior is its low crime rate. Along with this, residents have the luxury of beautiful landscapes. While rent and the cost of living are high, the weather is great, and sales taxes are low.

5. Greenwood Village

In Greenwood Village, residents are at home in a mix of a suburban and urban environment. The population is over 15,000, and the school system is considered good. The community of people may be more conservative in nature, and it’s full of parks, restaurants, and shops.


Whether you are approaching a move or simply curious about the topic of the best Denver suburbs, this list is worth checking out. Take a drive through these locations, stop by a coffee shop or two, and get a feel for yourself. You will be glad that you did.

What are Some Common Types of Criminal Defense Attorney Services?

What are Some Common Types of Criminal Defense Attorney Services?

When you’re looking for criminal defense attorney services, you can find a legal professional for proper defense for yourself or your company if you’re facing criminal charges. We have extensive knowledge and apply statute law and the rules of criminal procedure while handling appeals, dealing with sentencing, and post-trial issues with experience handling all types of cases. There are many different services that our criminal defense services offer to accommodate you in a variety of situations when you’re charged with crimes to improve the outcome of the case.

Drug Defense Services

Drug crimes involving controlled substances like illicit drugs require legal representation to ensure your rights are defended. With legal representation, you can expect ethical legal defense in state or federal court for charges related to possession, manufacture, distribution, conspiracy, and more. It’s important to have the services of an attorney who is knowledgeable about how to approach the situation. Your case may involve crack, cocaine, ecstasy, steroids, or methamphetamine, which means you may be facing severe penalties the state can impose.

We’ll use our extensive knowledge and expertise to keep you out of jail and help save you money while informing you of your rights during a consultation. It’s important to contact us as soon as possible to learn how the criminal justice system works and seek release from custody if you have a pending case. We’ll help you understand the legal and financial implications of the charges you’re facing and explain the various legal strategies that are available. With our services, you may be capable of entering a plea in exchange for a reduced sentence or probation after we review the evidence.

Juvenile Defense Services

For underage minors who have committed crimes and are under the age of 19, our juvenile defense services are available to properly navigate the delinquency system for your child. Our defense attorney advocates on behalf of a juvenile client while enforcing their due process rights while presenting the legal case in the court of law. We will act as your voice while advocating for your interests. The crimes we can defend may relate to manslaughter, theft, sex crimes, robbery, larceny, drug possession, DWI, and manslaughter. We can also work to minimize the charges and improve your outcome rather than if you don’t have any representation.

Burglary Defense Services

Obtaining aggressive burglary defense services can allow you to get results in a trial if you’re charged with any form of burglary, which includes shoplifting, theft, burglary, and larceny. Legal representation can minimize the charges to protect your freedom with penalties that can vary depending on how much property was stolen. Our attorney can prove a lack of intent on behalf of their client, which is a significant factor with the crime committed. The charges may also include attempting to pass a check or submit a check with insufficient funds in their personal bank account.

Penalties for burglary charges include:

– Serious fines

– Restitution

– Six to two years in a state jail facility

– Up to 10 Years of probation

We can evaluate your case and consider the options while assessing the different facts related to your situation. If your charges aren’t dismissed or reduced, we can also find a legal defense and prepare to head to trial.

Assault Defense Services

Assault is often characterized as taking actions with the intent to harm another individual with simple assault to aggravated assault.

Simple assault includes:

– Making threats to harm another individual or their spouse

– Taking action to physically harm another person or their spouse

– Taking any type of action that the other individual would regard as physically hurtful or offensive

Aggravated assault includes:

The victim becoming physically harmed during the act

If strangulation was included in the physical act

A criminal history of the defendant

The relationship of the victim to the perpetrator

We’ll work hard to fight for your legal rights to prevent you from being wrongfully convicted due to our expertise and knowledge of assault cases. Some of the most common defenses include self-defense, age, insanity, consent, privilege, and statute of limitations. Most assault cases can result in jail time of one to five years, depending on the degree of the felony. In extreme cases, you may even face life in prison.

You can obtain vigorous representation if you’re facing falsities and charges that are outlandish to protect your reputation. We can mount a solid defense case with an investigation and pre-trial representation offered. We work hard to educate our clients and devise a thorough plan to reduce the risk of penalties.

Identity Theft Defense Services

Identity theft continues to become more common as it becomes easier to access personal information in computer databases and online. This has caused the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service to become more active in pursuing charges after performing thorough investigations. There are many forms of identity theft, which include phishing, false use of credit cards, mail theft, social security number theft, counterfeit theft, impersonation, and forging documents for personal gain. Most individuals who face identity theft charges have more than one count of the crime while facing high fines and up to 30 years of prison time. We can prove there was no ill will intended or that you don’t have any relation to the information that was collected.

Punishment for identity theft is up to 15 years in prison, making it necessary to obtain legal representation to avoid the forfeiture of property that was used. You can expect the prosecutors to add charges from different federal statutes. Some of the most common cases we take on include wire fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, and mail fraud.

Domestic Violence Defense Services

There is a long list of offenses related to domestic violence charges, which involve two parties in a relationship with one another. The charges include second-degree assault, serious felonies, and even harassment, which is considered to be a misdemeanor. Those who are facing domestic violence charges are eligible for fines and confinement. A legal professional can guide you through the process while working hard to protect your career and reputation. They may also suggest if the best option is to head to trial and expose any of the weaknesses that may be present in the state’s case.

Whether you’re facing a protective order or allegations, we can retain our legal services if you believe you’ve been falsely accused. We’ll work hard to review the details of the case to help you avoid a permanent criminal record or having your rights to bear arms revoked.

We represent individuals who are charged with:

– Child abuse

– Felony family violence

– Spousal abuse

– Family violence assault

– Misdemeanor domestic violence

– Protective orders

DUI Defense Services

As the most common charge in the state of Colorado, obtaining DUI defense services is crucial to obtain the assistance of a legal professional who understands the court systems and informs you of your rights. DUI offenses often result in a suspended driver’s license, jail time, and fines. The implications can impact your career and personal finances now and in the future. Our technical proficiency and experience will allow your rights to be defended while representing your best interests when speaking to a jury. We’ll mount the proper defense to improve the outcome of the case. We’ll also conduct thorough research into the detail of the case and are knowledgeable to understand the science and complexities of blood testing, as well as any results that appear dubious. We can discover any flaws that may be present that can lead to inaccurate results.

Our DUI defense services include educating you on the criminal court’s process and can assist in clearing up past records if you’re an eligible client.

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Looking for Churches for Young Adults in Denver? Here Are Some Options

Looking for Churches for Young Adults in Denver? Here Are Some Options

As there are a number of churches with denominational differences existing in Denver, it can become difficult to sort through them and find one that is a good fit for young adults. Some churches have a tendency to cater to the world; as a result, their congregation can become spiritually weak.

Other churches are dying out and may not be worth the time of a young adult to get involved in. Still, other churches aren’t even a part of the true church of God. Rather, they preach a message that is unbiblical.

So how does a young adult sort through it all? Where can he find a good Bible-believing church to call his home?

The following are some good options in the city of Denver:

• Sovereign Grace Community Church

• Denver Presbyterian Church

• Grace City Denver

Sovereign Grace Community Church

Sovereign Grace is a relatively new church movement that is attracting young adults from all over the world. The movement was started by pastor and author CJ Mahaney. 

Sovereign Grace is what is known as a Reformed Charismatic church. This means that they hold to a Calvinistic belief while also believing that the spiritual gifts are being used today.

The worship service is a blended service that pulls from both the traditional and contemporary styles. This church also holds community groups in which the young adult can fellowship with other young adults. 

Denver Presbyterian

Denver Presbyterian is a part of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). This distinction separates it from the PCUSA. The service attracts a unique group of young adults, as the worship service is solemn and traditional.

This church places a huge emphasis on community groups. In these groups, young adults can connect outside of the church in an intimate fellowship. One of the goals of these groups is to keep them small.

The purpose of these small groups is to bring about a greater sense of discussion and participation by all the members. This will also lead to greater bonds between the members of the group.

Grace City Denver

A wonderful way of finding a good church in your area is to check out Mark Dever’s website. Mark Dever has put together a list of criteria that make up a healthy church. This is referred to as 9marks and is also the name of his website and publishing company.

If a church is associated with 9marks, chances are it will be a good Bible-believing church. Over at Grace City Denver, the congregants also participate in community groups. These groups will be a great benefit in assisting the young adult in meeting other young adults like himself.

One of the other wonderful benefits of this church is that it has a ministry of men to men and a ministry of women to women. These ministries are designed to link men up with other men and women with other women.

In these encounters, solid relationships of transparency can be formed as members of your gender assist you along the way.


Hopefully, this list has been beneficial. I’m sure that at least one of these churches will be a good fit. The worship services may differ, but in all of them, you can find a community of believers who would love to get to know you.



One’s looks are one of the most important things for most people. Especially now, with the innovation of new technologies that help us enhance our physical appearance. It’s incredible how non-surgical cosmetic treatments are now more popular than ever, whether it’s injectable Fillers, Peels, and lasers. However, before even thinking about undergoing cosmetic treatment, you have to make sure you have the right budget for it since it is not cheap and, of course, do a thorough research

One of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments ever is the Brazilian butt lift. It’ll make your butt look bigger, which will surely make your body look like an hourglass. Kim Kardashian is one of the many celebrities who underwent a Brazilian butt lift. A Brazilian but lift takes fat from different parts of your body and injects it in your buttocks to add volume and shape, making it look like a full nice round butt.

How about injectable fillers? Injectable fillers are materials that can contain commercial filler like Juvederm that helps either transforming or changing how a person looks by adding fullness and restoring volume in the face. Lip injection is still the most famous example of this. Now if what you want to change is skin pigmentation, wrinkles, or facial blemishes, a chemical peel is what you’re looking for. A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment that uses a chemical solution to fix many different skin imperfections in one’s face.

Having full and thick eyebrows does indeed help you achieve the look of British celebrities like Emilia Clarke and Cara Delevingne. That’s why Brow Lamination is well-received in the United Kingdom and has gained popularity in 2019. Another popular treatment that will make you look like a celebrity is the non-surgical nose job. It uses injectable fillers like Juvederm and hyaluronic acid into your nose to create nostril symmetry and smooth out bridge bumps without having to go under the knife.

It’s important to look fresh and well-rested all day. That’s why botox is so famous for people who wish to relax the facial muscles with a quick procedure and an effective result. Another viable option to take years off your face is to stimulate collagen production using radiofrequency energy; Thermage is a great way to do this. Thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment. Great for people who don’t give up without seeing results since this treatment requires multiple sessions before you can finally see some changes.

Let’s talk a little about dermabrasion, a procedure that treats sharp edges of surface unevenness by removing outer layers of skin with a rotating instrument. Really any reliable esthetician can help with this. Dermabrasion will give your skin a smoother appearance. It’s most often used to smooth out facial wrinkles, scars from previous surgeries, accidents, or even sun damage.

Do you know how to treat those annoying spider veins? The best way to eliminate the small yet unsightly clusters of blue, red, and purple veins is by using Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is when a doctor injects medicine directly into blood vessels so that those spider veins that commonly appear on ankles, thighs, and calves can quickly disappear.

When it comes to non-invasive cosmetic treatments, one of the best options is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a broad term that involves multiple injections of vitamins, pharmaceuticals, hormones, enzymes and other homeopathic ingredients to tighten the skin, lighten pigments, and even treat hair loss. Although it is not FDA-approved, many people still take the risk and try mesotherapy, making it very popular in the non-surgical cosmetic treatment industry.

Staying fit is quite tricky, especially if you quickly gained weight by eating. If you have the right diet and do regular exercises but are still gaining weight, then laser lipo can help you. It is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses a low-wave laser to liquefy fat before removing it via a thin tube.

The list for non-surgical cosmetic treatments could go from:

·         Cheek Fillers

·         Lip Blushing

·         Non-surgical nose job

·         Laser Facial Treatment

·         Oxygen Facials

·         Chin Fullness reduction

·         Liquid Face Lift

Whichever treatment you choose, make sure to do thorough research and ask the right professionals in this field before taking action on doing any of these non-surgical treatments.

A Quick Review Of The Denver Broncos

A Quick Review Of The Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos is a storied franchise with much success throughout its 61 seasons. This includes eight Super Bowl appearances and three Super Bowl wins, a 23-19 playoff record, and a 488-434-10 overall record. Let’s reminisce over some of the greatest Broncos of all times to go along with some impressive numbers prior to looking at the team’s current situation.

Broncos All-Time Leaders

 When it comes to the Denver Broncos, the first name that should jump out at you is John Elway, and for a good reason. He is the all-time passing leader for the Broncos with 51,475 yards and 300 TDs.

 Terrell Davis is the all-time leading rusher with 7,607 yards and 60 TDs. Rod Smith is the all-time leading receiver with 849 receptions, 11,389 yards, and 68 TDs. The all-time leading scorer is Jason Elam, with 1,786 points. The all-time leading scorer for a team will often be the kicker, simply because he gets the most opportunities to score.

 On the defensive side of the ball, Von Miller is the all-time sacks leader with 106. The all-time leader for interceptions is Steve Foley, with 44.

 The winningest coach for the Broncos is Mike Shanahan, with a record of 138-76.

 Let’s not forget some other all-time great Broncos players, including Champ Bailey, Peyton Manning, Shannon Sharpe, and Steve Atwater.

An Elway Story + QB Draft Picks

 What most people don’t know is that John Elway wasn’t drafted by the Broncos. He was drafted by the Baltimore Colts. This is despite the fact that Elway warned the Colts not to draft him because they hadn’t seen success for a long time and didn’t want to be stuck on a losing team. He wanted to win championships. After being drafted by the Colts, Elway announced that he refused to play for them. He was then traded to the Broncos.

 If you’re curious as to what QBs the Broncos have drafted, they include Brock Osweiler, Tim Tebow, Jay Cutler, Brian Griese, Tommy Maddox, Gary Kubiak, John Hufnagel, and Al Pastrana. We can refer to this as a mild success.

Current Broncos Drama & Situation

 To be blunt, the current Broncos situation is a mess. In fact, I was there last year just before Covid for a tour of the stadium and gathered some interesting information. As a side note, if you ever want to know what’s going on behind the scenes, take the stadium tour when it’s not too crowded and ask questions. They will tell you everything you need to know.

 I learned that the owner is a mess. To give you the simple version, Elway knows what he’s doing but had some disagreements with former owner Pat Bowlen. This led to friction at the top, and not the best decision-making. Since that time, Elway has given up his General Manager position and is now President of Football Operations. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to change much.

 Drew Lock is the starting QB. With a completion percentage of 75.3%, a TD/INT ratio of 16/15, and 2,933 yards, it’s not going to be easy.

Visit Some Great Hiking Trails Around Colorado

Visit Some Great Hiking Trails Around Colorado

Hiking in Colorado is the second most preferred activity next to skiing. If you aren’t a big skiing buff, then hiking around the beautiful country of this state is well worth the trip. It’s also one of the safest travel options during a pandemic because you are outdoors and breathing in a lot of uncirculated fresh air.

 Here are some of the best hiking trails for you to visit when you go to Colorado on vacation.

Seven Bridges Trail

 This is a very scenic hike along Cheyenne Canyon. Mountains and hills rise up around you; the aspen trees Colorado is known for growing everywhere. The shortened version of the trek is 1.6 miles one way. Turn around and come back to parking for a full 3.2 miles. If you are much more adventurous and your feet aren’t hurting, you can continue on after 1.6 miles for another two miles to reach Jones Park.

 There is a very little elevation on the trail, making it ideal for kids and dogs to trek too. The trail is named for the seven-foot bridges you cross over the brooks, river, and stream on the trail. The prettiest time of year for a hike here is in fall when the leaves all change color and the aspen leaves are all silvery.

Trail Around Bear Lake

 Bear Lake is situated in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. You can drive up to Bear Lake and see the mountains from your car. Once you are at Bear Lake, there is a nice, even, flat trail that goes all the way around the beautiful, glassy blue lake that reflects the mountains and the trees around it.

 In winter, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing enthusiasts are able to take the trail around the lake too. Summer is the best time of year for this trail because when you are done hiking once around the lake, you can peel off sweaty clothes and take a refreshing dip in the lake in your swimsuits.

 There are other trails around Bear Lake, some much more difficult and strenuous than the one circling the lake. If you have small children, stick to the lake circle as it is the easiest. Older children may be able to make some of the intermediate trails, but only teens and adults will manage the most difficult trails.

Hanging Lake Trail

 The draw for this trail is that along the way. You will encounter a beautiful triple set of waterfalls pooling into the most pristine turquoise lake you have ever seen. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime hike not to be missed. The trailhead and related park are only open from May to October, but if you go during this time, you will not be disappointed.

 The busiest times, of course, are during the summer months when families are taking vacations. Go in late May or September or October, if you are going alone. Go in early June if you have kids in tow to avoid the heavy crowds on the trails.

 Hanging Lake Trail is located near Glenwood Springs, CO. It is a moderate 3-mile round trip trail, making it an easy trail to hike for anyone who thinks they can’t hike more than a couple of miles. It is often a popular field trip for school kids, so you may see a large group hiking on the trail during the school months.

 The hike’s first stretch follows the Colorado River’s west bank, and then you are heading through a canyon between mountains and hills to get to the lake itself. After taking some pics and dipping your toes in the turquoise water of the lake, you turn around and head back out. Parking is available near the trailhead if you drive there rather than take an alternate form of transportation.

The Museums You Need to See When You’re In Denver 

The Museums You Need to See When You’re In Denver 

There are plenty of amazing sights that you can enjoy while you’re in Denver. In fact, there’s so much to see and do that you may not be able to visit all the sights in a single visit. These attractions, which are all a short distance from Denver’s downtown area, should be at the top of your itinerary.  

1. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science  

Anyone with a curious mind and an interest in science will enjoy a trip to this museum! There are many exhibits on display, and they’re suitable for children and adults alike. If you are traveling with kids, you’ll want to make sure you take them to the Discovery Zone. Here, kids can conduct experiments and enjoy hands-on exhibits. If you have an interest in ancient cultures, there are plenty of exhibits to keep you busy. You can see artifacts from Native American tribes and Ancient Egypt. There are also precious gems on display. After your visit is over, you can continue the fun at the museum’s website. Here, you can interact with museum exhibits and enjoy all kinds of activities.  

2. The Forney Museum of Transportation  

Anyone with interest in trains, planes, automobiles, or other modes of transportation will be fascinated by this museum. The museum serves as a living history of transportation. There are vehicles dating back six decades, and there are more than 600 artifacts to see in total. If you can’t make it to the museum, Visit Denver virtual tours are also an option.  

3. The Denver Art Museum  

This large non-profit museum is home to over 70,000 works of art. This is one of the biggest museums in the United States, and it showcases artwork from across the globe. Here, you’ll find ancient and modern art. There are pieces from countless cultures and many different types of art to see. If you can’t make it to the museum in person, you can also view the galleries online. Denver Art Museum from Home offers virtual tours (  

4. The Molly Brown House Museum  

Sometimes referred to as the “Unsinkable Molly Brown,” this landmark showcases the life of Margaret Brown, a socialite and activist that survived the Titanic disaster. Since it was built, all kinds of people have lived on this property. Some of the state’s governors called it home, and at one point, it was a boarding house. Not only can you appreciate the property’s elegant Victorian architecture, but you can see many photographs and paintings, as well as exhibits that tell Molly Brown’s story.  

5. The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus  

Older children and young kids don’t always enjoy the same activities. Thankfully, you’ll be able to entertain every child at your party at this museum. There are all kinds of exhibits and activities here, and some of them are suitable for kids as young as one. There are four different types of exhibits: Create, explore, imagine, and investigate. Whether you have toddlers or older children, they’ll love the art activities, experiments, and adventure courses here.  

6. The Museum of Outdoor Arts  

If you’re on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that this outdoor museum is free. However, it’s not open every day of the week. It’s best to check the weather and the museum’s hours before you stop by. This is a very unusual museum with exhibits that have to be seen to be believed. For example, the Dikeou Collection has rubber bunnies that stand 16-feet tall. It’s a great place to take photos and make memories.