Looking for Churches for Young Adults in Denver? Here Are Some Options

Looking for Churches for Young Adults in Denver? Here Are Some Options

As there are a number of churches with denominational differences existing in Denver, it can become difficult to sort through them and find one that is a good fit for young adults. Some churches have a tendency to cater to the world; as a result, their congregation can become spiritually weak. 

Other churches are dying out and may not be worth the time of a young adult to get involved in. Still, other churches aren’t even a part of the true church of God. Rather, they preach a message that is unbiblical. 

So how does a young adult sort through it all? Where can he find a good Bible-believing church to call his home?

The following are some good options in the city of Denver:

• Sovereign Grace Community Church

• Denver Presbyterian Church

• Grace City Denver

Sovereign Grace Community Church

Sovereign Grace is a relatively new church movement that is attracting young adults from all over the world. The movement was started by pastor and author CJ Mahaney.  

Sovereign Grace is what is known as a Reformed Charismatic church. This means that they hold to a Calvinistic belief while also believing that the spiritual gifts are being used today.

The worship service is a blended service that pulls from both the traditional and contemporary styles. This church also holds community groups in which the young adult can fellowship with other young adults.  

Denver Presbyterian

Denver Presbyterian is a part of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). This distinction separates it from the PCUSA. The service attracts a unique group of young adults, as the worship service is solemn and traditional. 

This church places a huge emphasis on community groups. In these groups, young adults can connect outside of the church in an intimate fellowship. One of the goals of these groups is to keep them small. 

The purpose of these small groups is to bring about a greater sense of discussion and participation by all the members. This will also lead to greater bonds between the members of the group. 

Grace City Denver

A wonderful way of finding a good church in your area is to check out Mark Dever’s website. Mark Dever has put together a list of criteria that make up a healthy church. This is referred to as 9marks and is also the name of his website and publishing company. 

If a church is associated with 9marks, chances are it will be a good Bible-believing church. Over at Grace City Denver, the congregants also participate in community groups. These groups will be a great benefit in assisting the young adult in meeting other young adults like himself.

One of the other wonderful benefits of this church is that it has a ministry of men to men and a ministry of women to women. These ministries are designed to link men up with other men and women with other women. 

In these encounters, solid relationships of transparency can be formed as members of your gender assist you along the way. 


Hopefully, this list has been beneficial. I’m sure that at least one of these churches will be a good fit. The worship services may differ, but in all of them, you can find a community of believers who would love to get to know you.

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